Pre-Test Motorcycle Courses and Training


Pre-test Motorcycle Course – This course ensures that students have all the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skill to obtain their full licence.

  • Documentation check
  • Helmet and clothing check, and the law pertaining to same
  • Motorcycle road-worthiness and cleanliness
  • Rules of the road check, to include commonly asked examiner’s questions
  • Road sign questions
  • Use of stands
  • Wheeling the motorcycle and braking under control as for test
  • Observations
  • Slow ride control
  • U-turn control with observations
  • Road positioning
  • O.S.M.P.S.L. (Observation, Signal, Manoeuvre, Position, Speed, Look)
  • Junctions
  • Major to minor (left)
  • Major to minor (right)
  • Minor to major (left) – Stop or Yield
  • Minor to major (right) – Stop or Yield
  • Traffic controls
  • Progress (reasonable)
  • Hazard perception
  • Clearance and overtaking
  • Forward planning
  • Courtesy

The pre test course is designed to give you the information and skill you need in order to take your test relaxed and confident that you can achieve a test pass.

It consists of two three hour pre tests.

The first one is done the moment you decide to go for your test. It highlights any issues your having, problems and faults in your riding that would effect your ability achieve a test pass, we give you the corrections and  a plan of practice. We show you a possible route to practice on.

You then sit the second pretest just before your actually test. Again this is to make sure your practice was correct and that you now have no major issues that could effect you on the test where skill is concerned. We relax you and build your confidence more and show you some of the other possible routes so regardless of the route the tester choices you will be relaxed and there should be no route surprises.

Bike rental is included in the pretest at no extra cost  and is free to our students on the day of their test for the duration of their test provided the pretest course has been completed in full.

If the pretest course (2 x pretests cost of each been €150. Course total €300) is completed and practice has been done by the student between both with them showing improvement in the issues highlighted in pretest one then we will guarantee a first time test pass. You If you don’t achieve a pass first time we will pay for your next test. A further pretest before you second test is required to meet the terms and conditions of the second test payment.

Terms and conditions apply.

Inquire on the day if you need clarification.

Price per pre test €150
Full pretest course €300. (Includes 2 pre-tests)

Duration approximately 3 hrs

Bike rental is included.
We do not rent bikes to anyone we haven’t trained.

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