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Personal Protective Equiptment Motorcycle Clothing Guide Jackets & Bottoms

There a many, many types of motorcycle jackets and bottoms available to choose from. They vary by price, design, purpose, material, quality as well as a host of other features. Again, the main aim is to find protective clothing that jacketsuits your needs and desires, but all kit should offer protection from impacts, abrasion, and the elements. The majority of motorbike jackets/bottoms will be made from either leather or man made substances such as Cordura.

Leather will offer the best protection from abrasion injuries due to the natural strength of cowhide, but it is not as practical as Cordura or other mad made materials. It is not water proof or breathable, which are features you may require.

On the other hand, Cordura will not offer the same level of abrasion protection (although it does offer some) but will usually be waterproof to some extent, and breathable to optimise comfort. Cordura is more practical for everyday use as you can usually wear thin clothing underneath, where as leather is usually tighter to the skin.

To protect from impacts, jackets should have sturdy padding in the shoulders, elbows and spine at very least. Similarly, bottoms should have some padding around the knee area, and some higher spec items will habe protection at the hips too.  The armor should be CE approved, ensuring that it’s been tested to a known standard. Look out for straps around the padded areas, so the pads can be held securely in place.

A Cordura motorcycle jacket with some additional features: reflective striping across the chest and down the arms; multiple pockets, and adjustable straps for comfort and fit. These are just some of the many features available which you may want. Some jackets will have a removable winter lining, which can be left in during winter when its cold, but removed for the hotter months to stop you getting too warm.

hovisTo help protect both you and your kit, you should invest in a high visibility bib or jacket. Apart from the obvious benefit of being more visible to other road users, it will keep your expensive motorbike jacket clean, meaning you wont have to wash it as often, which will extend its life and keep it looking new for longer!

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