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Personal Protective Equipment Motorcycle Clothing Guide

Motorcyclists, unlike most other road users, are not surrounded by a protective metal cage around them to protect them in the event of an accident. For this reason, it is wise for motorcyclists to wear protective clothing, to afford them the best protection possible in the event of an accident.

All motorcycle clothing should protect you from impacts, abrasion and the elements, and should make you as conspicuous as possible. It should also have minimal interference with your ability to ride the motorbike safely and in comfort.

Below is some basic information on how to select protective clothing that best suits your needs.

Motorcycle Helmetshelmet_1
When riding a motorcycle on a public road, you are legally required to wear a protective helmet, and it must be securely fastened. As it protects your most valuable body part, it is very important to select the best helmet for you. As with all motorcycle protective clothing, your helmet should afford you good impact protection while keeping you safe and comfortable. It should be a snug fit on your head, you should test to make sure the strap cannot come past the chin and the rear section of the helmet should not be able to lift upwards.

 The 3 main types of motorbike helmet are shown and described Here.

How to fit a helmet


Motorcycle Boots &
In motorcycling, injuries to the feet and lower legs are among the most common arising from accidents. Given that a riders feet are positioned at a similar height to car bumpers, this is not surprising. However, these days there are good protective boots available, specifically made for motorbikes. These boots offer protection against impact and abrasion injuries, and some will be water proof. As with all motorcycle clothing, the designs, styles, price and intended purposes vary greatly, but with such a large range to choose from, you can be sure there’s a pair just right for you.

The various types can be found Here

Jackets & Bottomsjacket
There a many, many types of motorcycle jackets and bottoms available to choose from. They vary by price, design, purpose, material, quality as well as a host of other features. Again, the main aim is to find protective clothing that suits your needs and desires, but all kit should offer protection from impacts, abrasion, and the elements. The majority of motorbike jackets/bottoms will be made from either leather or man made substances such as Cordura.

The various types can be found Here

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