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Training Centre

Private Road Network
                2.5 Kilometers Private Road Network

Arron Rider Training utilise a purpose built training ground of 2.5 kilometers of private road network, where we can safely simulate possible road scenarios, breaking, gear changing and other skills at actual road speeds.

This includes;

  • Use of the controls
  • Moving off and stoping
  • Slow riding control
  • Smooth gear changing
  • Full use of the gear box
  • Breaking to include Engine Breaking
  • Junctions
    • Major to minor Right
    • Major to minor Left
    • Minor to major Right
    • Minor to major left
    • Stop junctions
    • Yeild Junctions
    • Off set junctions
    • Blind junctions
    • OSMPSL
  • Traffic control junctions
  • Roundabouts
    • First exit, Second Exit and exits of more than 180 degrees.
  • Hill Starts ( Up, Down)
  • Bends (settng up for left and right bends)


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