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Aaron Rider - Professional Motorcycle Training Testimonials 

“Its been 10 years since I was born again . Over the years I've had a few moments and because of a desire to live forever I went and read Roadcraft and viewed Mike Waites video.
While these improved my life expectancy a little I decided to finally do some proper training (and maybe even shoot for a Rospa). Six weeks ago I booked a day long advanced course with Aaron Rider Training.
On Friday I headed across the Liffy and on up to Loughshinny in the pissing rain - something I did not expect when I made the booking.
I can't recommend the course enough. Once part was particularly good fun. A bit on observation and positioning took me up and down a crap, narrow, twisty road until I got over an instinctual fear of crossing into the "wrong" side of the road.
If I'm ever to do a Rospa test I have to get over my platent disregard for continuous white lines - especially those with the red stop signs.
On the way home from Mondello today I asked the GPS to take the shortest route home. I did not break one 50kph speed limit, was more relaxed than normal on narrow twisty roads and every time I approached a junction I had "Observe, Signal, Manoeuvre, Position, Speed and Look" running through my head like the lyrics of a bad pop song.”

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I did the training with Peter at Aaron Rider Training as well. I found it excellent and would recommend it to every rider. I had bikes for many years and a lot of experience. I had had a break for a few years and was returning to biking again and decided to do the training.
In my case I used the instructors bike. He will come to you in the van with 2 bikes so it really handy albeit a bit more expensive than if you use your own bike.
I found Peter excellent and learnt loads of stuff.
In relation to the cost I would alos point out that apart from any saving you get on your insurance premium the training could save your life.
What price do you put on that??
The major learning point for most has to be that whilst we all may consider ourselves good drivers or very skilled we need to not only drive well and control our bike properly, we also need to make big allowances for other road users and alter our riding to suit. “

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